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The ROMBOT Eco-system is about empowering people. Whether itbe the Medical or Wellness Professional by giving them better tools tohelp monitor and care for their patients or whether by helping the Ind

ROMBOT / Lolli

Cloud-Based Remote ‘patient monitoring system’


Knee Immobilizer

Aluminum struts specially molded to fit the shape of the leg

Knee Pneumatic Brace

Inflatable bladder that applies pressure to the joint andsurrounding areas

Non-slip Under Sleeve

Thin light weight undersleeve that has a silicone coating that is specially designed to prevent a ROMBOT brace from slipping

ROMBOT / Lolli

Cloud-Based Remote ‘patient monitoring system’

Post Op ROM Brace

The ROMBOT Post-Operative knee brace is truly ‘one of a kind‘and THE market leader in postoperative care and rehabilitation.

Neck Brace

Soft yet structurally strong to provide maximum supportand comfort. Largest tracheal opening for clean airway access

Sicona Worker

Light with revolutionary cross pull elastic

Sicona AP

Simple and effective support... for all kinds of back conditions

Shoulder Pneumatic Brace

Ankle Pneumatic

Inflatable bladder that apples pressure to the joint and surrounding areas.A Gel Pad that can be Chilled or Heated for therapeutic needs.


ROMBOT Leading provider of cutting-edge rehabilitative medical products We know that mobility is the key to enjoying life so that’s why our goal is to get patients mobile as quickly and effectively as possible.




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