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The ROMBOT Post-Operative knee brace is truly ‘one of a kind’ and THE market leader in postoperative care and rehabilitation.

Specially designed to pair with ROMBOT sensor: Delivers range of motion and movement data to the user’s mobile device.

Designed with patented HEX system hinge for modular attachments: Attachments aid in tracking and monitoring recovery progress, help in reducing recovery time by providing LLPS (low load prolonged stress) to speed up recovery and stretch out muscular tissue. Assist in mobility.

Range of motion locks: For both Flexion and Extension.

Lockout: A sliding lock out feature that fully locks the brace from moving.

Ultra-light weight: With carbon fiber polymer struts the brace is lighter than ever.

Simple strap lock system: By using a push lock system the brace stays the same every time you take it on and off, keeping it easy and simple.

Padded straps: Foam padded strap mean patients no longer need to have thick hot pads.

Customizable struts: Struts are able to be customized by heat bending, providing more comfort and fit to the patient.

Remarks: Comes with an NFC chip and APP so patent can download and follow content related to their brace




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