We focus on
rehabilitation and the rehabilitation of joint injuries
and spinal cord injuries.

Knee Immobilizer

Knee Pneumatic Brace

Non-slip Under Sleeve

Rombot and Lolli

Post Op ROM Brace

Neck Brace

Sicona Worker Back Support

Sicona Semi Ridged Back Support

Shoulder Pneumatic Brace

Ankle Pneumatic

ROMBOT / Lolli


Cloud-Based Remote ‘patient monitoring system’

Movement and range of motion tracking: With ‘real time’ data and analysis sent directly to users own mobile device.

User friendly mobile APP: Allows patients to take charge of their own recovery.

Medical Professional portal: Tracks and alerts to any change in patient’s recovery progress.

Distance monitoring: Medical professional can monitor patient recovery no matter where they are. Anywhere any time.

Aid in recovery: By tracking vital biometrics such as pain, ROM, muscular strength swelling.

Any Knee injury or surgery: Where recovery monitoring would be of benefit.

Move and use: On multiple braces and supports.

Comes with Lolli: A sleek light weight soft mounting support that can be worn over or under clothes.

Personal Exercise programs: Upload by patient own medical professional.

Set pre/post-surgery baselines: To better follow and predict recovery from surgery.

Security, safety, comfort: Allows patients to recover in the comfort of their own home, whilst being secure in the knowledge their medical professional will notice any change in the recovery progress in real time.

Remarks: Comes with an NFC chip and APP so patent can download and follow content related to their brace




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